Available Upgrades For Evora

Exhaust & Induction Upgrades

Third Cat Bypass Kit

Fits: prior 12 Model Year Evora NA(Manual) | Part No: LOTAC05538
£655.78 + VAT

Gives further noise enhancement when used with the LOTAC05504 sports exhaust

Lightweight Level 1 Sports Exhaust Stainless Steel

With Blue Tipped Titanium Tailpipe Trims (Track use only) Fits: Evora | Part No: LOTAC05504
£911.55 + VAT

Cooling System Upgrades

Mishimoto Race Ready Aluminium Radiator

29.92″ x 15.28″ x 2.75″
£335.00 + VAT

Mishimoto Dual Pass Race Radiator

27″ x 19″ x 3″
£245.00 + VAT

Mishimoto Circle Track Aluminium Radiator

£190.00 + VAT

Mishimoto Universal Performance Aluminium Radiator

£190.00 + VAT

Mishimoto Race Ready Radiator Fitting

£25.00 + VAT

Mishimoto Water Temperature Sensor Adapter, Black

£20.00 + VAT

Suspension Upgrades

KW Suspension Universal HLS Hydraulic Lift Retrofit Kit for KW Coilovers


KW Suspension Variant 3 Coilover Kit

Lowers Front 10-35mm Lowers Rear 15-45mm
£1541.67 + VAT

Braking Upgrades

Brembo Gran Turismo Big Brake Kit


A P Racing Formula Big Brake Front Kit


Brembo Gran Turismo Big Brake Rear Kit, Uses Original Calipers